Mini Trailer Fin: A Great Addition to a Twin Fin

Thursday September 12, 2013

Twin Fin + Mini Trailer mini trailer fcs knubster fin ~photo by: Lucas Thornton @ Wood Foot Surf Craft~

Originally used as a 5th center fin for quad setups, this mini trailer fin works surprisingly well with a twin fin setup also. My twin fin was riding just as it should, loose, fast and fun… However, I felt that a trailer fin would help the board out in bigger surf, So I just went for a test ride. I tried a normal sized 3.5" center fin at first but the board just rode like a regular thruster. So I tried the mini-trailer in the center FCS tab.

On my first wave I could immediately feel the difference. The board actually accelerated much more than usual and the bottom turn just felt so much more powerful. This added drive projected me to the lip and as I turned I could feel the fin holding in just enough to feel a nice controlled tail drift, similar to a power slide on a skateboard. The board rode out of the turn nicely and down the line with speed to the next section, another controlled slide into a stylish turn.

The mini trailer gave that twin fin just enough added stability and drive to convince me to use it all of the time. I'd probably recommend using it on a twin fin for waves that are in the chest high + range. If you're surfing smaller waves in the 1-2 foot range your' twin fin should work just fine. and If you have a quad setup- it will really stabilize the board in bigger powerful surf. mini trailer true ames fin

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