Hexcore System Fins Video Clip

Friday July 20, 2012

True Ames Surf Fins from TRUE AMES on Vimeo.

Here is a quick clip that showcases our line of Hexcore System Fins. These ultra light fins are available in FCS compatible and Futures Compatible.

We use the Resin Transfer Method that allows us to construct a composite fin, inside which hexagonal pieces of lightweight coremat displace fiberglass and resin. The result is a fin that is up to 25% lighter than a normal fiberglass fin, yet retains the same positive flex and amazing drive!

Whether you are surfing small beach breaks or solid reef breaks, we've got you covered with a wide variety of fins to fit your board and type of surfing.

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Another Free Surf Photo Wallpaper

Thursday September 15, 2011

Got another free wallpaper screensaver here. (click the link below image for download) This was a shot from a few weeks ago. A bit of the Southwest swell was mixing in with some Northwest peaks. Was on my way back walking along a bluff when I got this shot. These are futures compatible CI fins. They work really well with this Simon Anderson 5'10" squashtail. The best part about these fins is that the work great in small waves around waist to chest high but also got me into some solid overhead waves down south last month. Good all around choice for shortboard fins!

true ames surfing wallpaper

True Ames - Free Surf Photography Wallpaper 1280 X 960

True Ames - Free Surf Photography Wallpaper 1920 X 1080

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Friday April 15, 2011


Looking to surf better, stay in the tube longer, surf more vertical, or just surf faster? Surfing better can be as simple as changing out your fin setup. The right surf fins can make all the difference in your surfing. At True Ames, we have a bunch of fin templates to fit your style, board, and surf conditions. Whether you are just learning to surf, or a pro on the world tour, a common goal is to improve your surfing, and it’s as easy as trying different fins.

Our Hexcore technology fins give you more drive and perfect flex. These fins are available in FCS compatible, Futures compatible, and glass on, Single Fins, 2+1 Setups and Bonzers. Not only does the Hexcore perform better but is also 25% lighter than standard fiberglass fins! Try a new set of Hexcore fins today and start to surf better.

Most people don’t realize that the fins on their board have a very important role in how well they are surfing. Fins that are too big are going to obviously make the board hard to turn, fins too small will slide and not give you drive. Fine tuning your fins is trial and error but when you dial in the perfect setup, you will surf better for sure, Immediately feeling like your riding a different board! One of the main things you want to accomplish with your fin setup is to get the most drive and then turns will follow.

A Hexcore fin is going to give a lot of drive where plastic molded fins will not. If you’re surfing smaller fun waves you may want to go with smaller fins to allow more release on your turn and better turning radius. When surfing bigger, more powerful waves, switch to larger fins for more drive and more drawn out turns to keep from sliding out on critical sections. The size of the fins in relation to the waves you are surfing is the first step to improve your surfing. Not all fin templates are created equal! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fin templates. Here are some key point on fin design to help you choose the right surf fin to help you surf better.

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