Tyler Warren Surfboards: New Glass on Fins

Tuesday January 24, 2012

tyler warren glass on fins

True Ames and Tyler Warren have teamed up to create some really unique glass on fins. These are hexcore RTM with solid glass on top. They are still super light and have a fine tuned flex.

Finally! Glass on quad fins These Tyler Warren quad fins have a flat foil on the front fins and 80/20 foil on the back fins. These are Solid RTM Hexcore and are super-light.

The Modern Keel This is a speedy fin design for a twin fin shape. A modern keel fin template by Tyler Warren. These are RTM Hexcore fins with solid glass on top. Super light and excellent flex. This Fin Features an 80/20 foil for smooth clean powerful turns.

Last but not least we are offering the "Bar of Soap Fin" The Tyler Warren Bar of Soap fin is designed for the small Twin fin "bar or soap board" These boards typically come in sizes 4'11" to 5'3" and are super wide and compact...Much of Tyler’s inspiration in designing the “Bar of Soap” came from his experience riding two of Richard Kenvin’s Hydrodynamica Project boards: The White Pony and Casper. Both of these boards were inspired by the hydrodynamic planing hull surfboards created by Bob Simmons 60 years ago

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