Thursday September 8, 2011

true ames surf expo 2011 surf fins


It's that time of year again for Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. We will be at booth 878 with a showcase of surf fins, stand up paddle fins, and windsurf fins. Check out our the booth for our latest catalog and stickers! .

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2011

Orange County Convention Center

South Hall

9899 International Dr.

Orlando, Florida 32819

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Andreini Surfboards 50th Anniversary Fins

Friday August 12, 2011

Santa Cruz shaper Marc Andreini started shaping boards in Santa Barbara back in the early 60's. His "hull style" boards influenced by George Greenough became a very popular specialty. For the Andrenini 50th anniversary limited edition boards, True Ames made a limited run of custom volan multi color "D- Fins" A classic template for a classic shape. Check out the video above to learn more about Andreini Surfboards. Below is a shot of the custom limited edition fins in production.


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Adam Robertson / Bamboo Fins

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Here is a clip of Adam Robertson riding Bamboo FCS fins by True Ames. A few clips from some fun surf at one of his home breaks in Victoria, Australia During the making of the surf movie Way of the Ocean: Australia. This is mainly shot at Winki Pop, an amazing right hander that just keeps peeling. This clip demonstrates how these fins can hold in to solid waves and give amazing drive. Adam Robertson is naturally a powerful surfer and it shows in his turns and cutbacks. These bamboo fcs fins that he is using are our Channel Islands template that we offer in Futures fins and FCS fins compatible bases.

These Bamboo fins are Hexcore and a Bamboo overlay. A great look and just as strong as all of our other Hexcore templates available for FCS fins and Futures Fins.

Bamboo Fins by True Ames...

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Future Fins Compatible

Wednesday July 6, 2011


Our selection of Futures Fins base compatible templates includes Channel Islands, Timmy Patterson, Lost, and more. These ultra light hexcore fins will hold up over time and will be much lighter than solid fiberglass. Super fast fins that are designed to suit any style of surfing and varieties of waves. We have future fins for Twin fin, Thruster, and Quads. These Futures fin compatible template are available in truelite hexcore for some of the lightest and strongest fins available. Another great thing about these Future Fins compatible is the AIRBASE feature. The base of this fin has strategically placed holes in the base to make the lightest fins yet retain maximum strength. See our full selection of Future Fins compatible templates.



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Friday July 1, 2011


REPLACE-WITH-ALT Imagine cruising along on a nice clean wave and then all of a sudden, bam - your fin hits a rock, sending you over the nose and your fin damaged. Your session gets cut short in an instant and that awesome fin that you've been bragging to your friends about is now better off in the garbage. Sound familiar. We hope not, but this can happen. Not only the fin can get messed up, but the fin box as well.

The Skeg Saver is here to help! In the event of severe impact to the fin from contact with under water obstructions, Skeg Saver's internal nut separates from the plastic slide, thereby releasing the forward tab section of the fin. The fastening screw is retained in the fin tab by Skeg Saver's internal nut. Skeg Saver is able to sustain repeated impacts below its breakpoint without suffering degradation of changes to its designed failure point. This is a great replacement for a standard metal screw and plate for your surfboard or windsurf board.

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Friday June 10, 2011

What are the best fins to use in summer surf conditions? We have a few to highlight on here. Also a few clips of Malibu, California's summertime surf mecca.


Every culture has a staple crop, a plant that has flourished for generations in the happiest and harshest conditions that nature presents. The Mayans had maize, and True Ames has the California Classic - a versatile design, moderate in area and rake, that will adequately nourish any board in any wave, especially the long peelers of Malibu.




You are frustrated. We understand. This confusingly agile silhouette just breezed through three insurmountable tubes, toes wrapped over the nose all the while. You can't go. You feel cheated. Consider new avenues. The silhouette is Josh Farberow, and he energizes his 50-50 rail logs with a flexible version of our California Classic.

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True Ames Surf Fins HD Video Catalog

Wednesday April 27, 2011

True Ames Surf Fins HD Video Catalog from trueames on Vimeo.

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Friday April 15, 2011


Looking to surf better, stay in the tube longer, surf more vertical, or just surf faster? Surfing better can be as simple as changing out your fin setup. The right surf fins can make all the difference in your surfing. At True Ames, we have a bunch of fin templates to fit your style, board, and surf conditions. Whether you are just learning to surf, or a pro on the world tour, a common goal is to improve your surfing, and it’s as easy as trying different fins.

Our Hexcore technology fins give you more drive and perfect flex. These fins are available in FCS compatible, Futures compatible, and glass on, Single Fins, 2+1 Setups and Bonzers. Not only does the Hexcore perform better but is also 25% lighter than standard fiberglass fins! Try a new set of Hexcore fins today and start to surf better.

Most people don’t realize that the fins on their board have a very important role in how well they are surfing. Fins that are too big are going to obviously make the board hard to turn, fins too small will slide and not give you drive. Fine tuning your fins is trial and error but when you dial in the perfect setup, you will surf better for sure, Immediately feeling like your riding a different board! One of the main things you want to accomplish with your fin setup is to get the most drive and then turns will follow.

A Hexcore fin is going to give a lot of drive where plastic molded fins will not. If you’re surfing smaller fun waves you may want to go with smaller fins to allow more release on your turn and better turning radius. When surfing bigger, more powerful waves, switch to larger fins for more drive and more drawn out turns to keep from sliding out on critical sections. The size of the fins in relation to the waves you are surfing is the first step to improve your surfing. Not all fin templates are created equal! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fin templates. Here are some key point on fin design to help you choose the right surf fin to help you surf better.

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Friday March 4, 2011


The Oxnard plain is one of most fertile places on Earth, but historically, despite an extremely hollow harvest season, the surfers taste a bit sour. Still, sometime in the 1970’s the offshore winds blew the pesticides and pot smoke in a direction just right for innovation, and the Campbell brothers created the Bonzer fin setup: a stubby little center fin accompanied by two or four “runners.” Ignore all imitations.

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Friday February 11, 2011


There are probably hundreds of boards that are snapped each day around the world, and most are thrown into landfills or left on the beach. Not cool! Think about how long it takes for these materials to break down, like a million years! A great way to recycle the fiberglass and foam is to add some art and hang it on a wall for inspiration. So the next time you get a chance to recycle a broken board, go for it!

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