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Friday August 24, 2012

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As storms churn in the Indian Ocean headed on an easterly track towards Australia, long period swells make their way to the island chain of Indonesia. As the swell projects towards the southern most region of the 17,508 islands of Indo, there is one particular island that is a all time favorite for many. The majestic island of Bali, which sits 8 degrees south of the equator is a waverich isle of warm blue water. Bali is home to amazing culture, and some of the World's best surf. The increasing popularity of the relatively small island means more crowded surf, but for some, who explore, there are many empty lineups at the right time of day.

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Empty Lefts

Friday October 21, 2011

bali surf impossibles Just a glimpse of the possibilities at a wave called "impossibles." This shot was from a few years back when Bali was still relatively uncrowded. It's hard to believe sometimes that there are uncrowded pristine waves setups still in existence. Maybe not on the small island surf mecca of Bali, but for sure within the thousands of miles of coastlines around the globe, there are sure to be some dream waves to be had. Some are within driving distance from your homebreak, some are by boat over rough seas, and some are hours or days by plane. You have to explore to discover!

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