Surf Fin Test Rides: Central America / Part 1

Tuesday May 22, 2012


On a recent three week trip to Central America during the beginning of the south swell season, I was able to try to out 3 different sets of fins. I wanted to go minimal with my fin selection, so I brought 1 board, a 5'11 Simon Anderson squash tail, this would give me a chance to try 3 sets of fins. A small, medium and larger set for any kind of waves that I could find. It's amazing how much you can change the ride and feel of one board by simply changing fins... surf fins

There were a wide variety of waves ranging from super hollow barreling beachbreaks, long sweeping points, powerful outer reefs, and perfectly peeling sand bottom river mouths. The swell was consistently head high plus at most of the spots and a few days with close to double overhead.

My Choice of fins were:

Standard sized Channel Islands / Eric Arakawa / Channel Islands Small ( Some of my boards are FCS fins compatible, This time I had Futures Fins compatible setup, I think they are much easier to change out and a more solid base.)

LOCATION: The Point- FIN CHOICE: Channel Islands Standard- This spot had a wide sloping takeoff zone and then the wave would hit the edge of the reef for a short tube section. I wanted to start off with the Channel islands standard size set for this wave just to see what they could handle. Drops were easy and plenty of drive off of the bottom even on overhead sets. I noticed that since I was up and riding before the barrel section I could have time to setup and pull in with ease, going backside in a hollow spot I would probably use the larger fins but these CI Standards were holding in just fine, and not slipping out in the steepest sections.

Check out the next post for another session with the Eric Arakawa fins, as the surf picked up and headed north to some solid beachbreaks and a boats to a desolate rivermouth. Story/Photos: Ryan Kleiner

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Wednesday March 28, 2012

RINCON from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.

Here is a very cool video clip of a day at rincon... This goes to show how many waves come through on a typical afternoon when there's swell. The tide, swell, and crowd can fluctuate drastically. Looks like it's the end of the NW swell season here in Santa Barbara, Looking forward to summer warmth and longer days now. Road trips to find south swell and small windswell will be the norm for the next few months.

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Tuesday March 13, 2012

Mendia in Morocco from Proctor Surfboards on Vimeo.

Here's a video clip of Peter Mendia scoring some epic right point surf over in Morocco. He's riding Proctor Surfboards and True Ames Fins and getting some nice tubes. The choice fins for these waves are the Lost Template available in FCS and Futures Compatible and Glass ons These fins are a tried and tested design that has high rake and slender tip for maximum projection. The classic Lost fin template is a full size design. Longer power turns are where this fin excels. Best in point or reef waves with some size. HEIGHT=4.70" / 119 mm BASE=4.65" / 118 mm

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Tuesday November 8, 2011

This is an interview published in the latest issue of DEEP magazine. Here is an online version of the mag, we're on page 13. Thanks to Brandon Read for taking the time to answer a few questions.

deep magazine

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Another Free Surf Photo Wallpaper

Thursday September 15, 2011

Got another free wallpaper screensaver here. (click the link below image for download) This was a shot from a few weeks ago. A bit of the Southwest swell was mixing in with some Northwest peaks. Was on my way back walking along a bluff when I got this shot. These are futures compatible CI fins. They work really well with this Simon Anderson 5'10" squashtail. The best part about these fins is that the work great in small waves around waist to chest high but also got me into some solid overhead waves down south last month. Good all around choice for shortboard fins!

true ames surfing wallpaper

True Ames - Free Surf Photography Wallpaper 1280 X 960

True Ames - Free Surf Photography Wallpaper 1920 X 1080

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Andreini Surfboards 50th Anniversary Fins

Friday August 12, 2011

Santa Cruz shaper Marc Andreini started shaping boards in Santa Barbara back in the early 60's. His "hull style" boards influenced by George Greenough became a very popular specialty. For the Andrenini 50th anniversary limited edition boards, True Ames made a limited run of custom volan multi color "D- Fins" A classic template for a classic shape. Check out the video above to learn more about Andreini Surfboards. Below is a shot of the custom limited edition fins in production.


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Adam Robertson / Bamboo Fins

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Here is a clip of Adam Robertson riding Bamboo FCS fins by True Ames. A few clips from some fun surf at one of his home breaks in Victoria, Australia During the making of the surf movie Way of the Ocean: Australia. This is mainly shot at Winki Pop, an amazing right hander that just keeps peeling. This clip demonstrates how these fins can hold in to solid waves and give amazing drive. Adam Robertson is naturally a powerful surfer and it shows in his turns and cutbacks. These bamboo fcs fins that he is using are our Channel Islands template that we offer in Futures fins and FCS fins compatible bases.

These Bamboo fins are Hexcore and a Bamboo overlay. A great look and just as strong as all of our other Hexcore templates available for FCS fins and Futures Fins.

Bamboo Fins by True Ames...

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Future Fins Compatible

Wednesday July 6, 2011


Our selection of Futures Fins base compatible templates includes Channel Islands, Timmy Patterson, Lost, and more. These ultra light hexcore fins will hold up over time and will be much lighter than solid fiberglass. Super fast fins that are designed to suit any style of surfing and varieties of waves. We have future fins for Twin fin, Thruster, and Quads. These Futures fin compatible template are available in truelite hexcore for some of the lightest and strongest fins available. Another great thing about these Future Fins compatible is the AIRBASE feature. The base of this fin has strategically placed holes in the base to make the lightest fins yet retain maximum strength. See our full selection of Future Fins compatible templates.



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Friday June 10, 2011

What are the best fins to use in summer surf conditions? We have a few to highlight on here. Also a few clips of Malibu, California's summertime surf mecca.


Every culture has a staple crop, a plant that has flourished for generations in the happiest and harshest conditions that nature presents. The Mayans had maize, and True Ames has the California Classic - a versatile design, moderate in area and rake, that will adequately nourish any board in any wave, especially the long peelers of Malibu.




You are frustrated. We understand. This confusingly agile silhouette just breezed through three insurmountable tubes, toes wrapped over the nose all the while. You can't go. You feel cheated. Consider new avenues. The silhouette is Josh Farberow, and he energizes his 50-50 rail logs with a flexible version of our California Classic.

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